The Swift Series

The Swift Series (S-Series) is a purpose build all in one shelter solution that provides a quick and easy to build system which can be erected in around 20 minutes with no tools and only a couple of people.  The Swift series has an inbuilt roof and floor which comes flat packed for easy storage and transporting to location. 

These shelter solutions can be used in many different settings and offer a comfortable weather proof solution that is simple to construct.  Standard models come with sturdy screened doors and windows and are made out of fire retardant material. 

The S-Series is a fully recyclable building solution which comes flat packed and can be erected rapidly with little requirement for tools and skilled labour.

Global Swift Shelter

Our quick and easy rigid walled fold away shelter offers a unique all in one solution for a range of uses.  Flat packed for simple storage once used, the Global Swift Shelter offers an elegant solution that can be constructed in under 20 minutes.


Global Swift Shop

Want your clients to stand out from the crowd at their next event or conference?  Consider our Global Swift Shop for event and conference product range. 

Quick and easy to construct these can become part of your hire suite or sell direct. 

Don’t forget about the customised branding options.


Other Uses

We can manufacture the Swift Series to your needs.  From play houses, to dog kennels and temporary storage solutions there are many adaptions that are possible with our product.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.



The S Series is a rigid walled shelter solution that can be adapted to a range of sizes with the following features:

  • Swift construction.  Under 20 minutes from flat packed to fully constructed
  • All in one shelter solution including flooring and roofing
  • Has sturdy screened doors and windows
  • Uses fire retardant and UV protected corflute board for the walls, flooring and roofing
  • Is a fully recyclable building solution
  • Used as temporary accommodation on French’s Island in Victoria, sold in the Philippines as disaster recovery accommodation and shop units.  Launching into further markets with a wide range of uses.
Download S-Series Specification Brochure

S-Series Specific Questions


What is your minimum order quantity?

We can discuss your needs and have in rare circumstances supplied one off products to customers.

How long do your Swift Series products take to construct?

Two people can construct the Swift Series products in under 20 minutes.  These self contained flat pack solutions fold out and are simple to pull into shape and only require quick and easy locking systems to be applied. 

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