We have additional products and services to complement our shelter solutions.  From installation options and advice to flooring, design and customisation and other enhancements (lighting, outer cladding, internal fit out), find out what suits your requirements

Along with our Global Modular Shelter and S Series products, Global Sunrise offer a range of add on products to complement your shelter solutions depending on your needs.

We are happy to work with you to determine what elements you might need in developing your specific shelter solution.

The following are options for you to consider:


Branding Services

Want your own look and feel applied to our products. We can help you to brand the products so they stand out from the crowd. 

Customised Design Services

Want to make some alterations to our base product then we can help with that. From concept through to competition our customised design service will make sure that you get exactly what you need. 

Installation Services

Don’t want to install the product yourself?
Well, we can help with that.  Our team of trained installers will come to you and construct the product for you.  This can be done in a number of ways to suit your requirements. 

Supported Installation: Training for your staff so that they can install the products for you and your clients into the future. We will come and provide support and assistance to your team as we construct the shelter for the first time.

End to end installation: This is just what it says it is. We will do the lot for you!


Are you looking to enhance our base products with any of the following options.  Please talk to us about your requirements so we can add on any additional elements in the design and quotation process. There are a range of product enhancements that can be applied to the Modular and Swift Series shelters. 

Flooring system

Our purpose built steel framed flooring system is recommended to be added on to the shelter solutions if you do not have a ready made option for you.

Joining System

Looking to join our shelter solutions together? We have joining systems that can bring together our products to provide almost any configuration. 

Ceiling system and insulation

Our ceiling system provides a finished look to your Modular series shelter solution and is fitted specifically to our design requirements.


If you need to partition areas inside your shelter we have a solution that will meet your needs and offers the screening needed. Whether that is to provide privacy rooms, office areas or similar areas these partitions will solve this problem for you.

Colour Range

Want to change the colour of your shelter, but don’t want to fully brand it? We can offer a range of colour options for your consideration. 


We have a range of lighting options from off grid solar solutions through to mains power lighting to make sure you can use the shelter in all conditions.

Outer cladding

Want to change the look of the shelter with outer cladding? We have a number of tried and tested solutions that will help with that.

Internal fit out

We provide you with the shell, but can also help with an internal fit out based on your requirements.


Our standard window is a double glazed sliding window that is 950mm wide and 600mm length but we also offer the following modifications if requested:

  • 950 (wide) x 900 (length)
  • 950 (wide) x 1200 (Length)


Our standard door is 920 x 2040 hinged and lockable but we also offer the following variations:

  • Double Doors
  • Sliding
  • Hinged